The Mechatronics conferences series is held by rotation in Czech Republic and Poland and it is the oldest of mechatronic conferences in Eastern Europe, with the first conference held in 1996. The increasing quality of the papers published at the conferences can be illustrated by the fact that since 2007 the Proceedings are published by Springer Verlag publishers (see 2007, 2009 and 2011 proceedings on Springer web pages). Published papers are indexed by Thomson Reuters in Web of Science database.

Mechatronics 2013 conference is the opportunity to bring the mechatronics experts from all over the world together. It gives the opportunity to present and discuss new results in mechatronics with the emphasis on the science - innovation - technology - industry chain.

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The Conference takes place at the same time as the International Engineering Fair, the largest engineering fair in Central Europe. The participants will receive free ticket to the fair.

The Conference is hosted in Brno, the city in the center of Europe, that is easily accessible from Prague and Vienna international airports.

The Conference is kindly sponsored by National Instruments, world leading producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. National Instruments is a leader in providing mechatronics-oriented design tools that improve machine development by simulating the interaction between mechanical and electrical subsystems throughout the design process.

National Instruments

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